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At Haynes Staffing & Consulting, we make it our mission to bring talented professionals together with the employers who need them. With offices in Peoria, IL and Kansas City, MO, along with a background in IT recruiting, finding men and women for tech openings comes naturally to us.
However, we serve clients in a number of different areas and industries, helping them to identify, track, and onboard the right minds. Our areas of service include…

Industry-Focused Recruiting

Every industry has it’s own language and unique staffing needs. We make it a point of pride to understand both the technical requirements for an opening and the culture of the organization that hires us. That way, we can identify the perfect recruits for every job, no matter the area, industry, or experience level needed.

Contract and Permanent Openings

There are times when clients need the best and brightest, but not on a permanent full-time basis. Finding contract employees, or temp-to-hire candidates, can be a challenge if you don’t have the right network and background. That’s where our dedicated team of agents comes into play, finding hidden gems for every full time and contract position.

Outsourced IT Support

Finding professionals who know technology isn’t easy; for a non-technical business owner or recruiter, understanding their skills and qualifications can feel next to impossible. At Haynes Staffing & Consulting, we don’t just assist with the IT recruiting process, but also work hard to ensure that details like training and turnover won’t turn into huge challenges.

Talented Employees

Talent isn’t just about skills. We have been in the business of staffing for long enough to know that in addition, personality, and the right attitude factor into the mix, as well. No matter who you need, or what your job opening requires, we’ll use our experience to help you zero in on the perfect candidates every time.

How Can We Help You?

More important than knowing our most common types of work is understanding your needs for staffing.Contact a member of the Haynes Staffing & Consulting team today  to discuss your company and openings. It doesn’t matter whether you need temporary assistance or full-time employees – we will help you to take the headaches out of recruiting!

Industries We Help

IT Projects Candidates

Program Manager / Project Managers / Scrum Managers / IT Architects / Business Analysts / Project Planners / Implementation Managers / Project Coordinators / Test Managers / Office Admin Personnel

Manufacturing Staffing

Assembly line Personnel / Maintenance / Welders / Electricians / Auto-Cad Drafters / Drivers / Security

Healthcare Staffing

RN’s / Medical Coders / Office Adm / HR

Managed Contingency Services

Corporations/Mid-Size Companies (Manufacturing Striker Replacement Workers)