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Wondering how we can help your business grow, fill unique openings, or just run more smoothly? Our expertise is in finding the perfect fit between employers and recruits. That means we can make the right connections and introductions in a number of professional situations, including…

Multi-State Recruiting

It’s always nice to find homegrown candidates for your openings, but what happens when you need to recruit from out of state? You might not have the contacts and resources needed to draw in talented applicants, but we do. Let us know what kind of person you need to hire and we’ll help you find them wherever they may be.

Contract & Outsourced Staff

Have a staffing need but don’t want a full-time employee? Or, prefer to hire on a contract basis before you make a big commitment? At Haynes, we have experience helping our clients to fill short term, contract, and outsourced positions in a number of industries.

Direct Placement Staffing

When you need to find the perfect recruit, bring them onboard, and get them working right away, Haynes is here for you. We aren’t just experts in finding talent, but also in helping our clients to promote their openings, negotiate salaries and benefits, and even onboard new employees.

Talent Solutions

Every business needs talent, and no two openings or cultures are the same. That’s why an experienced staffing team, like the one we have at Haynes, can be so valuable. If you don’t want to waste time or money interviewing and hiring the wrong people, let us help you find the right ones.

Managed Contingency Services

Haynes Staffing & Consulting also provides contingency facility staffing in manufacturing environments that require immediate skilled labor to keep your operations moving while negotiating contract resolutions and disputes. Our network of talent, and experience in the field of staffing, makes us the perfect partner to help you to bring in the assistance you need and integrate them with the rest of your team.

Want to Learn More, or Don’t See What You Need?

That’s no problem. You can always contact our friendly team to get personal service. We will be happy to speak with you about your staffing needs and help you to find the perfect person or solution.