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Your Best Asset Are Your Employees
Every Business Needs Talent, And No Two Openings Or Cultures Are The Same.
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At Haynes Staffing & Consulting, we believe the best way to provide a guaranteed measure of success for our clients is providing them with the best candidate selection. Our selection is predicated on two major factors; tangible and intangible. Tangible factors-are accessed by career experience, roles on and within projects, communicating/writing skills, and last a measurable skill set matrix. Intangibles factors- are leadership qualities/potential, understanding of the scope of a project, ability to listen, the acumen to work with client stakeholders, program managers and other project/workforce personnel, candidate’s personality, ability as a motivated competent self-starter, and his/her interpersonal characteristics to work with teams/group environments.
Provide functionality and recruitment reporting engagement while understanding of projects and project scope- Delivering tangible workplace solutions Providing high level quality candidates the understand project and workplace solutions Providing workforce outsourcing that understands the i…
Good recruiting isn’t just about finding the right people – it’s also a matter of integrating them into your team, retaining that talent, and being sure you get the highest level of productivity from every employee. Haynes Staffing and Consulting can help with talent assessments, client and jo…
Hiring and managing employees or outsourced contractors doesn’t have to be a hassle. With the right systems in place, you can stay on top of paperwork, regulations, and industry trends. Haynes Staffing and Consulting team can serve as an extension of your in-house HR team with knowledge on the too…

Who We Are

Haynes Staffing & Consulting, LLC (HSC) originated from the concept of helping talented individuals in their field of expertise get great jobs and career opportunities. As a result this will make families and communities stronger financially creating sustainable economic growth.
HSC, may not be the largest staffing resource company. But we’re growing to be the best with talent acquisitions and outsourcing to help meet your company’s talent placement needs. Whether it be contractual IT project management placement, temp-to-hire, or manufacturing contingent temporary staffing. Please inquire about our talented candidates for opportunities you company may have.